2014 NAFC Championships and Music Scholarships

          Gerry Campbell Perpetual Senior Belt

                     Robert Gabor Junior Trophy
          George Sweetnam Memorial Trophy

Entry Registrar: Brian Little   buffalofeis@hotmail.com

Chairperson: Mary Heneghan
                                                          BUFFALO FEIS INFORMATION:
                                   Gate Fee -- $20.00 Per Family -- Must Be Paid With Entry
                           Buffalo Feis Program book  will be available at the main entrance the day of the Feis.           
                          Pre-Registration pickup available Friday, June 6 th from 7:30PM – 8:30 at Event Center
No outside food or beverages will be allowed.  Food and beverages will be available for purchase.  NO COOLERS!
                   Your cooperation is appreciated!  Picnic sets are not allowed.NO CAMPING BEHIND STAGES.
                                                              Feis limited to 1250 Paid entries.          
                               PayPal payments only. No mail in payments will be accepted.

         Feis Day, June 7th :
           * Doors will open at:     7:00AM
           * Opening Ceremony :  8:15AM
           * Competition begins:   8:30AM                        

         Event Center (the main bldg)
            * All Dance competitions
            * Language competition
            * Music competitions

Event Center (presentation stage)
  *Awards for Ceili, Preliminary, Open Championships 
Expo-Hall (directly behind the Event Center)
  *Entry Desk
  *Posting of results / Award pickup
  *Memorobilia, Art events, Soda Bread event, Vendors
June 7th 2014

Under 15  NAFC  Music Scholarship
      Clevland Feis May 25, 2014     
   15 & over NAFC Music Scholarship
           Portland Feis Oct. 11, 2014  
49th Annual Buffalo Feis
     Will be held jointly on February 15 - 16 , 2014 at the Orlando Hilton. Orlando, Florida